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Pet Treatment:

Here at Maxcare, this is one of the many categories we specialize in and deal with on almost a day to day:

The proof is in the pudding, check our gallery for Pet treatment photos.

 We all love our four legged friends and when life has those accidents; Maxcare is there to help. With several inspection methods we can find those odor producing, stain causing areas and treat them accordingly. Using pairing agents, Odor Counteractants, Enzymes and functional polymers; our Eco-friendly, biodegradable Pet treatments do the best job available. We saturate the found problem areas to recreate the same effect as when it first happened; ensuring we make contact with the odor source, letting it dwell for activation and then extraction to rinse. All of this is done before the actual cleaning process, aiding in the overall outcome. Our goal is to not only leave your home clean, but with your guests none the wiser to any pet related trouble you may of had. Leave your odor troubles behind with Maxcare today! 

Oriental or Hand Woven Rugs:​

Here at Maxcare we also provide a delicate, natural fiber cleaning for those hand woven or oriental rugs.  We are able to pick them up or clean in home. Our cleaning product is a mild solution with dye stabilizers that is woolsafe approved, but is also aggressive enough to clean the life that happens out of your rugs. We also have natural fiber options available for removing stains and treating pet related issues or odors.

Bright various oriental rugs and carpets stacked for display.

Carpet Cleaning

Not one thing always does it all, that’s why here at MaxCare we’re all about the customer having plenty of options. With multiple product lines from synthetic to plant based, cleaning options, and our long list of services. We always do a walkthrough before starting any kind of work, to give recommendations, be on the same page, set expectation and for time estimates. We provide the options and let you take the wheel in customizing the right job to suit your cleaning or repair needs. 

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